WiFi Control

Control your Hitachi air conditioner from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet device.

Heat Pump WiFi Control

With the WiFi controller, you can remotely control your Hitachi air conditioner from your smartphone or tablet.

You can turn it on or off, change mode, change temperature, adjust the fan speed and set a 7 day weekly scheduler. It’s right at your finger tips – from anywhere any time.

The application allows for an unlimited number of users, and unlimited number of WiFi control devices to be connected. All connected user  have real-time control and readings.

The WiFi control system is simply plug and play. Download the app, plug the WiFi control device into a power point then pair it with your home WiFi. The app is compatible with all Android smartphones/tablets and iPhone/iPad devices.

The Pebble WiFi Controller conveniently replaces your Hitachi air conditioner’s remote controller and enables remote control from anywhere with WiFi access.

Compatible with current:

  • Hitachi Single Split Wall Mount systems
  • Hitachi Single Split Floor Mount systems
  • Hitachi Multizone systems